The application portal for the 2024 awards is now open.

Application Process

​Applications must be submitted online by May 5, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. EDT and include the following items:

  • A 3,000 character (500 word) essay describing academic and career goals and how the area of focus relates to the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) professional categories and/or the improvement of public health. Find the complete list of PHS professional categories at
  • Two letters of recommendation.

  • A copy of a current high school and/or college transcripts as applicable.

  • For high school students or incoming freshmen, a copy of a letter of acceptance to the applicant’s chosen college.

  • Activities/Honors/Employment form (found here).

young adults in a classroom smiling

Eligibility Criteria

Matriculated students for undergraduate or graduate study in the United States who are:

  • Biological, step, or adopted child or grandchild of a member of the Commissioned Officers Association (COA) of the USPHS
  • Spouse of a member of COA

Selection Criteria and Announcement

Recipients are selected by a scholarship review committee. The application period for the current round of funding is March 11, 2024 – May 5, 2024. Questions may be directed to Annette Beadle at [email protected].

Past Recipients

Questions? Please reach out.