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2024 Registration Rates

Registration Type

Non-Member of COA

Member of COA*

Non-PHS Students

Invited Speaker**

Anchor & Caduceus Gala (O-3 and Below)

Anchor & Caduceus Gala (O-4 and Above)

Surgeon General’s 5K

Training Day Sessions

COA Membership Meeting, Awards, and Breakfast

MOLC and JOAG Breakfast/Lunch Events (6/27)

Early Bird
​(Pay by April 26, 2024)







No cost. Finishers medals available for purchase.

No cost. Meals responsibility of the attendee.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

​(Pay by June 17 2024)







No cost. Finishers medals available for purchase.

No cost. Meals responsibility of the attendee.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

Late Registration (After June 17, 2024)







No cost. Finishers medals available for purchase.

No cost. Meals responsibility of the attendee.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

No cost. Pre-Registration required.

Member of COA*

To qualify for the “Member of COA rate” you must be a dues paying member of the Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS. If you register at a discounted rate for which you are not eligible, your registration rate will be changed to the non-member rate. No refunds will be granted. For questions regarding membership or renewal please contact Donna Sparrow at [email protected]

Invited Speaker**

The “Invited Speaker” rate is reserved for those conference attendees that are formally presenting at the symposium for at least 30 minutes as a qualified speaker, which may include keynote address/panelist, conference session presenter, or conference organizer or moderator.


You are welcome to register and bring guests with you to the Retirement Seminar, Anchor & Caduceus Dinner, and Category Day Luncheon.  You will be given the option to add your guest(s) on the second page of registration and to select the sessions they will attend with you on the Sessions page of the form.  If your agency is registering you, you may add them after the fact, by modifying your registration.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Refund requests will ONLY be considered in the case of medical emergency or deployment. You may email your request to [email protected] (Subject: 2024 USPHS Symposium Refund Request). Your request is not valid until receipt is acknowledged by the event planner in writing. All refunds will incur a $35 non-refundable processing fee.

Please note: We are no longer able to accommodate credit cards switches or refunding one card in order to charge another. Do not register until the payee and form of payment are final. No exceptions. If there is a chance that your Agency might cover your registration, DO NOT register with your personal credit card.

Paying with Multiple Cards

If your organization is paying your registration fees, but you wish to add other items to your registration please follow the instructions below.


  • Registrant should fill out the online registration form, selecting only what the organization will pay for, until they get to the payment page of registration.  The registration will be temporarily saved in the system.

  • Have the person paying for your registration complete the steps to the right.

  • Once notified by your Financial Officer that step 2 is complete, login to modify your registration to add and pay for the additional items.

    NOTE: DO NOT Change your Admission item when adding the Anchor & Caduceus Dinner. You will find the dinner ticket option on the page after Admission item selection.

Person Paying for Registration

  • Use the regular registration link, entering the name, email and registration type previously entered by registrant.
  • If you would like to receive your own receipt, check the box “I am registering on behalf of this person,” and enter your name and email address to be added as an administrator on the account.
  • Click next, then select “Yes, continue registering using the saved information,” and click next again.
  • Click through all the registration pages until reaching the payment page.
  • Enter payment information and click Finish.

Badge Information


Modify a Registration

  • Click the Modify Registration button to the right.

  • Click Print of Modify.

  • Enter your email address and confirmation number then click Login.

  • Click the Modify button.

  • Click through the registration pages making the necessary changes/additions.

  • On the payment page, enter your payment, if needed, and click Finish.

Anchor & Caduceus Dinner

The Anchor & Caduceus Dinner ticket is not included in the basic registration. Dinner tickets are $45 each for Junior Officers and Students and $85 each for Senior Officers and Civilians. These may be purchased through the online registration system. Tickets will be available until the dinner sells out. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase once it is complete. Paper tickets will not be available onsite. You may either print your ticket(s) or show an electronic version of it on your mobile device at the door.

View or Print Your Ticket(s)

  • Click the View Registration Details button to the right.

  • Click Already Registered.

  • Enter your email address and confirmation number, then click Login.

  • Select Print Ticket(s).

  • Follow the onscreen prompts.

Tickets are non-refundable. Should you no longer be able to use your ticket you may transfer it to another person or donate it to someone on the waitlist. To do so, please contact us at [email protected].


​​Attire for the event is Black Tie for civilian attendees (tuxedo/dark business suit or floor length gown/cocktail attire). Active duty dress will be prescribed shortly.

Free Registration for Junior Officers and Civil Servants

JO/Civil Servant applications are now open.


  • USPHS officer at grade O-3 and below or civil servant at equivalent GS 10/11 and below
  • Must be a member of the Commissioned Officers Association of the USPHS​

  • Must submit your application/registration by April 12, 2024

Submission of Application

To submit an application, please use the regular registration link, select Member of COA as your Registration Type on the first page of the form, and be sure to select Jr. Officer/Civil Servant Scholarship as your Admission Item on the Registration Items page of the form. After submitting the form/registration, if you meet the eligibility requirements you should assume you have received the scholarship. We will only contact you if there is a problem/you do not qualify.

Without free registration, I would not be able to attend. I am in a remote location and travel alone costs a lot. I will return for the USPHS Symposium each year. Thank you.”

Lieutenant with the Indian Health Service
The registration scholarship is an excellent incentive. The wealth of knowledge that junior officers gain from senior officers, track sessions, and Category Day are invaluable.”
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Vendor Information:

Other Information:

2024 Uniform Guidance

Presenters: Service Dress Blue or Summer White.

Attendees: USPHS uniforms: Summer White, Khaki, or Service Dress Blue. Other services should wear equivalent uniforms. Civilian dress is business casual.

SPECIAL EVENTS Uniform Considerations:

Training Day Workshops: Uniform of the Day

Retirement Seminar: Uniform of the day.

Anchor & Caduceus Dinner: Preferred uniform is Dinner Dress White Jacket for 0-4 and above and Dinner Dress White (small medals, no name tag) for 0-3 and below. Alternatively, Dinner Dress Blue Jacket for O-4 and above and Dinner Dress Blue (small medals, no name tag) for O-3 and below. However, we do not want to discourage officers from attending this important event so they also may wear Service Dress Blue with bow tie and miniature medals, or the best uniform they own (no khakis or ODUs). Other services should wear equivalent uniforms. The civilian dress equivalent is black tie.

Ensemble performance: Uniform recommended but not required.

Photo/Media Policy

​The PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation for the Advancement of Public Health hosts the USPHS Symposium. The organization uses content from the event for marketing and promotional purposes. By attending the USPHS Symposium, you allow us to photograph, film, or use your image and likeness for promotional materials.

Sexual Harassment Policy

​All attendees of the USPHS Symposium should be able to enjoy the proceedings in an atmosphere that is free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment.


Contact us at [email protected] or 443-906-3040.