CFC plus COF

The start of each Fall means the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is here.

The CFC is a great way for Federal employees to support causes near and dear to your hearts.  OPM calls it the “most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world.”  It is wonderful.  Agencies hold fun competitions to increase the percentage of employees who donate and the total amounts raised.

​Pledge a donation to 42884, the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation for the Advancement of Public Health.

Why?  Because the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation has stepped up our programs to “advance public health for a healthier nation.”

  • Advancing Public Health: The Foundation will live up to the second part of its name. We are committed to the advancement of public health. We provide over $100,000 each year to fund Seed Grants in communities around the country. We provided funds to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights. We provided a grant to support a 5K Fun Run, one of many community service activities in the DMV Hometown Mission, which is organized by the Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group. We applaud PHS officers for building relationships with their communities through volunteering, education, and physical activity.

  • USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium: The annual conference continues to offer free continuing education credits and many opportunities to network with fellow PHS officers while learning about advances in the field of public health. Students can attend for free and rub shoulders with leaders in public health, picking up career tips.

  • JOAG/COF Koop Speaker Series: We work closely with JOAG officers to host a series of talks with researchers and community-based organizations regarding a range of public health topics. Some topics include opioids, Zika virus, obesity among American Indian populations, and prison health.

​Please remember CFC code 42884.  Include 42884 in your pledges and money will go to the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation.